Watch All Episodes of Colors Tv Drama Serial (Kasam)

Watch All Episodes of Colors Tv Drama Serial (Kasam) Online video HD. Kasam in High Quality HD 720. It is the story of two good childhood friends Tanu and Rishi. One day Rishi falla on the river side Tanu saved her life. Katyayani Bai a Sadhu women who live in the Kali ma Temple said that Taun,s Kundli matches Rishi Kundli but Rishi Mother dislikes Tanu and forced Rishi, father to leave India. They goes to America, After 17 years they come back. Rishi now is a good player and don,t believe on love. On the other hand Tanu waits for Rishi and pray for Rishi,s life and safety. Due to the threat of Rano Rishi,s family reached India. At same date Tanu,s parents were killed in a Bomblost. Soon Rishi Come a Successful business man not believe on love still. Rishi now is a Rude Boss and hate and Insult his subordinates.Purab Vohra enteres in the play and calim that Raja singh Bedi is his father and he has right of 51% share from Raja singh Bedi,s Business and property. Now paly in very dramatic situation see new episode.

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